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What happens to members of the United States Armed Forces after they die? Soldier Dead is the first book to fully address the complicated physical, social, religious, economic, and political issues concerning the remains of men and women who die while serving their country.

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Before Gravity there was Gerald’s Star: a story about a long-dead astronaut circling the earth in a decaying orbit, his cosmonaut crew mate, and his son…all destined to be reunited in the weathered rocks of Moab, Utah.

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An aging master wood carver–bereft of family, youth, and health–faces the decline of his skills. But worse than the loss of his craft is that now he is too old to pass his knowledge down to a worthy apprentice. But, as beauty hides inside wood, people can be more than they seem.

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Two hundred years in the future after a purposeful, manmade apocalypse, people live in hunter-gatherer bands that are ruled by SisterMother matriarchs. In this “forward to the past” dystopian world, the “Code” bans agriculture and the written word because they are believed to have led to the literal and virtual enslavement of the female gender. TruthKeepers, a cadre of priest-like women, roam through the land and enforce the ban by the use of psychological and biological weapons—one of which is called “The Truth”—even to the point of compelling bands to slay neighboring groups that violate the Code. However, the Truth is not what it seems, the TruthKeepers are more and less that what they claim, and a group of shamans struggle to show the path to complete freedom and equality.


Sarah Jones’ ordinary and predictable life in a tight, north Arkansas community, is turned upside down during her twelfth summer when she is struck by lightning and when, despite her father’s reassurance, she realizes that things—and she—will never be “just fine” ever again. Indeed, she is afflicted with aftereffects of the strike, her brother goes missing during the Korean War, her mother sinks into clinical depression, and her father’s previously devoted attention becomes divided between running a business during hard times and providing care for his wife. Into small world beset with disruption, Sam Wallace, an enigmatic and somewhat frightening blacksmith “whose attraction to them bolts from the heavens” has earned him the nickname of “Lightning Rod Sam.” Sarah takes up an unlikely apprentice with this odd character and learns the meaning of the smithy phrase, “Calling Out the Dead.”


In a world racked by terrorists, a pharmaceutical company has—with the cooperation of high-level military leaders and government officials—weaponized a terrible disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, otherwise known as “ALS” or “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”. While the biological weapon is intended to be used as a torture device, ambitious evildoers employ the device for personal gain. Sensing medical ethics violations, Dr. Lisa Garner, a neurological specialist, begins to make troublesome inquiries. She is joined in her efforts by Clay Anders, a retired CIA agent and member of a secret citizen’s group that investigates human rights violations. Together, and at great peril to themselves, they begin to unravel the web of conspiracy, greed, corruption, and abuse of power.